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Want to study abroad: All you need to Know

So, excited right? Viewing your first College abroad, yeah quite a big gig. Ok, what else? Worried? Seriously? Well, here we are, to relieve all your stress and make the application process easy and transparent. Lately , all the foreign universities have their complete admission procedure-ONLINE, so you need not to worry much.

If you have all the relevant documents, and are sure about the Programme and University to choose, then the whole admission process is hardly an hour job.

When to start?

We would like to recommend  you to starting searching for the Uni and the Programme atleast a year before with all possible options and to start filling the admission process around six month in advance.

For students looking for an  undergrad degree, the optimal time shall be at the mid of 12th class and also take care of your SAT paper.

For students seeking Postgrad applications; start your preparations for GRE or TOEFL  from the pre-final year itself of your under graduation.

How many to apply?

You all must be thinking to apply in tons of universities to increase your chances to grab seat, but this is not at all a wise option because of the cost it includes along with to-do list of every institutions/University making it hectic and troublesome for you.

Rather we would like you to follow a simple three step procedure after carefully analysing all the available options and filtering them.

1:Apply to a school that has higher grades/score requirement than yours. Apply carefully after thoroughly going through all the details and even if, there’s is a slightest of  chance- we would say APPLY.

2: Apply to University, where the expected grades and your score are in line with each other.

3: Apply to a school where they be surely taking you in- i.e. your score/grade are way ahead of their requirements

Applying to the University

Here comes the most important task, i.e. to APPLY.

Now your first task will be to visit their website and read all the section related to overseas/international (Univ. Have an exclusive section for that) and thereby apply ONLINE.

Bear in mind that a few colleges still follow the paper-based application in that case you might need to send all the required documents by international post so we would advise you to start even early.

Also some Schools do need you to submit your original transcripts that are attested. For online applications, these will have to be scanned and uploaded within the form as required while others are particular for evaluation through international organizations such as World Education Services (WES), Education Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE), and International Education Research Foundation, Inc.(IERF). So carefully read all the ROP’s of the University.

What Score is good?

Universities will require you to submit a your scores, ( Generally asked, TOEFL,SAT,GRE,GMAT and IELTS) so below mentioned are some scores which can bag you a fair chance.

550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 79 (internet-based) for the TOEFL

A general score of above 2,000 works for the SAT

Roughly 149-153 (in your verbal), 158-160 (for your math), and 3.8 to 4.0 for the GRE

A score ranging from 550 and above for the GMAT

A band of around 5.5 – 7.0 will do for your IELTS

Statement of PURPOSE!

This gonna be the deciding factor for your application, so make sure to not take it lightly.

Statement of Purpose is a long essay that is often asked by universities abroad. The essay, usually about a 1000 words, seeks to understand the candidate’s life, the motivations for the chosen career path and his/her goals.

Ensure you personalize your SOP to make it stand out, as Unis will be receiving a ton of these and an average SOP will just not cut it.

Letter of Recommendation

This letter should talk about your achievements and highlight your academic and overall attitude to prove that you have college potential (especially for students seeking PG).  This, in most cases, is not mandatory for undergraduate students.

You better befriend with anyone of professors at your university, because that can help you a long way ahead.

Money Matters

While most of the universities will provide you with scholarships (if you have a good score), but oftentimes they will be asking you to produce proof of your financial ability to cover your routine expense and education (Generally for first semester/period)

Many a times Colleges won’t even process your application without your PROOF OF FINANCIAL ABILITY, so remember it wisely.


After all this, some universities might want to interview you. These interview are generally done ONLINE( through SKYPE), so prepare for them if you have got one.

Ask anyone already studying, about how to prepare?, because all universities got different pattern.

Remember a few things: Formal Dress, Face the Camera, Keep all your relevant documents nearby and at last don’t be nervous J


Days ( a few weeks) after your submission and interview, you will receive your letter of acceptance from the University ( if you have been selected). So reply them with conformation and what else? Pack your bags it’s time to GO !!!