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Want to lose weight? try these amazing Uses of Bottle Gourd (Lauki)!

Bottle Gourd which is known as ‘lauki’ includes 96% of water that is helpful in keeping your body


Lauki juice contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sodium, iron and potassium in high amount that reduces

fat and stimulates cholesterol level. One must consume it on daily or weekly basis.

Check out its benefits:

1. Stimulates Weight Loss:

Bottle gourd juice is best for those people who wish to reduce weight. If you want to lose weight, try

these steps:

Take a fresh lauki, peel off it skin and cut it in two pieces. Blend the pieces in a mixy. Your juice will

get ready. Drink it in the morning as it contains lot of vitamins, potassium and iron which is very


2. Provides relief from Digestion and Constipation:

Your constipation and digestion process gets better by consuming Bottle gourd as it contains soluble

as well insoluble fibre along with high water content.

Moreover, it is helpful to get rid of digestive problems including acidity and flatulence.

3. Gives Cooling Effect:

As lauki juice includes rich water content, it gives a cooling effect to the body that is useful to replace

the water lost in the form of sweat.

Remember, consume it on daily or weekly basis during summers!

4. Cures Urinary Problems:

Bottle gourd juice releases surplus water content from the body as it is diuretic in nature. You can

also add one or two spoon of lime juice to it to get relief.

5. Prevents Sleeping Disorders:

Are you insomniac patient? Try mixing sesame oil along with bottle gourd juice that is known as lauki

juice. You will get a better sleep.

6. Treats Diarrhea:

Utilize lauki juice if you are facing health issues like sweating, fatigue or diarrhea. Remember, drink a

glass of lauki juice as it will definitely provide relief to you by releasing excess water content from

your body.

7. Retains Heart Healthy:

Sipping bottle gourd juice is useful for you to retain the heart healthy by controlling the blood


8. Lessens Inflammation Of Liver:

One must consume lauki juice to decrease inflammation of the liver.

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