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Uses of Petroleum Jelly you never know

‘Petroleum Jelly’ is a combination of semi solid hydrocarbons which is obtained from petroleum. It makes many miracles on your skin especially hair and lips.

Have a look at benefits of petroleum jelly :

  1. Remove eye makeup.Petroleum Jelly may help individual to remove your eye makeup gently with a tissue. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals. One can easily apply gel on their eyes for 1 min, your eye makeup will get remove.
  1. Highlight cheekbones.A person can highlight their cheekbones by applying petroleum jel on their face. The shine of the gel will make your skin glowing.
  2. Gloss your lips.To make your lip color glossy, one must apply dark color lipsticks on their lips along with petroleum gel.
  3. Get an even tan.Petroleum Jel is considered most beneficial to make your skin tanning equal. It soak up excess tanning lotion of your skin.
  4. Buff away dry skin.One must mix petroleum jelly with brown sugar as it will benefit your skin.
  5. Soften skin. If you want to get rid of your dry skin, then you must rub petroleum jelly in extra-dry places before you go to sleep. It will also help you to heal with your feet and will make your skin super-soft.

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