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Uber is planning to expand ride-hailing services with bus and mini-van in India

Business: Uber Technologies Inc. wants to introduce ride-hailing services with buses and mini-vans in India. The latest service is named Uber Everything, as it continues to step on the pedal in India.

The pooled ride-hailing service for buses and mini-vans will primarily start as a pilot. The service will be monitored by Uber’s India technical centre in Bangalore.

Uber has experimented with such bus related service in the past. It has piloted a service named UberHop, which allows customers to hop on a bus with designated pick-up and drop-off points for a flat fee. Though, the service is piloted in select regions only.

Like its other ride-hailing services in India, the move is possibly to pose a challenge for local administrations that at present regulate both private and state-owned bus services that offer rides within cities.

Previously, the company had faced a lot of issues with Karnataka Government when it’s piloted its ride-hailing service for bikes UberMoto. The government termed the service as illegal and asked customers not to use such service. Later on, Uber decided to shut down the service in Karnataka.

Recently, Uber declared its new web service, using which; customers can call a cab from the website, without the help of a mobile app.

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