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Tips you should follow for successful weight loss

You need to undergo a few lifestyle modifications for the maximum benefits. As they say ‘For everything you gain, you lose something’. So let’s brace ourselves with some key goals, shall we?

First consult with your doctor, show them your diet and ask for their reviews. As they knows your body better.

Rule of thumb: Drink plenty of water! At least 10-12 cups intake is a must.

Consistent and regular exercise: You can keep the exercise routine moderate but consistency is the key. Even a good 30mins – 45mins walk can be of great help.

Go for brisk walk for at least 15 mins.

Eat Slowly and Chew more to aid the process of digestion.

Refrain from having gluten, refined oil, sugary food, carbonated drinks, salted nuts, preserved foods and substitute those with healthy alternatives.

Eat low-glycemic foods, foods which don’t increase the blood glucose levels. Like low carb and low sugar foods.

Eat mindfully; you need to focus on it rather than any other distraction such as TV. Instead, have a positive conversation with your closed ones.

Finally the most important one, take enough sleep which should be at least 7-8hrs. Also there are many more easy ways to lose weight, which works.