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Tips to keep healthy and fit

Physical fitness is the best exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. Now a days, people do not have time to go to gym or perform exercises there . They must prefer these simple steps to keep fit and healthy throughout the day :

  1. Reduce Snacks: Prefer taking healthy nutrients in your diet rather than junk food and snacks which contains fat in high amount. Once you will start taking healthy diet, it will lessen your need for food between meals.
  2. Taste the flavours: When you eat food, just enjoy it! Chew food for around 30 times as it helps to increase ‘oro-sensory factors’ in your body and send satiation signals to your brain. This habit will help you to stay fit and healthy for a day.
  1. Remove limitations: One must enjoy their favourite food without any control in diet as it will make your mood happy and you will feel fit throughout the day.
  2. Consume protein for Breakfast: Do not miss taking protein in Breakfast because it is considered as biggest weight loss cure. Also, it is the best method to suppress appetite and lessen subsequent eating of your whole day.
  3. Prefer Small Plates: A full plates give the indication that you are having a meal in high amount. So avoid taking meal in bigger plates.
  4. Spend time with friends: Enjoy your most of the time with friends and family as it will help your mood to be happy and feel healthy. People must avoid loneliness, frustration and stressful environment.

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