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Swiss Re Hosts Exclusive Career Forum for Women -‘ElevateHER’

Swiss Re Global Business Solutions Centre Bangalore recently hosted an exclusive meet-up for women across different professions to come together to network and learn from each other as well as from industry leaders. Swiss Re Global Business Solutions Centre Bangalore is an analytical and innovation hub of leading global reinsurer Swiss Re.

The forum, called ElevateHER, was aimed at helping unleash women’s potential at work. It comprised of a workshop on Overcoming Career Barriers by leadership coach Dr. Ushy Mohandas, a keynote session by Jasbir Pannu, Regional Head HR – APAC, Swiss Re, interactive sessions with leaders and speed interviews. With more than 120 women in attendance from various walks of life, this event elicited a lot of interest from participants.

Jasbir Pannu, Regional Head HR – APAC, Swiss Re, said, “By building a culture that allows a myriad of experiences, identities, professional expertise etc. to work together, we are inspiring people to thrive in today’s dynamic, fast-paced digital world.”

According to Pannu, society shapes the perception of women about themselves through unconscious biases and moulds their opinion to reinforce the idea of patriarchy in their minds. Speaking of equality in the workforce, Pannu pointed that one cannot ask for equality if they are expecting to be treated differently for their gender. She added, “We must be careful of what we teach our next generation, and how conscious we must be about it.”

Amit Kalra, Head of Global Business Solutions Centre Bangalore, says, At Swiss Re, inclusion is at the heart of our strategy. Whether it be inclusion with regard to thoughts, expertise, education, gender identity and sexual orientation, age, profession, ethnicity or any other aspect of our being, we believe and have seen over the years that such diversity together enriches us and makes us stronger.”

At Swiss Re, we have a flexible, inclusive and open culture where dialogue and different perspectives are valued. We appreciate the ever changing working preferences of different cultures, generations and personalities. Our culture and leadership supports an authentic environment in which we all value each other’s differences and where everyone can bring their true selves to work.

Gender Intelligence Workshops, Female Mentorship Programs, LGBTI+ integration are some of the initiatives here at Swiss Re Bangalore which enable employees and help uphold our culture of inclusion.