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Secrets for Toning the Tummy and Loosing the Stubborn Belly Fat

That tummy with a big face peeking out of your tight dresses, crop tops, tee-shirts takes away the glam out of your existence! It is not something that you would ever want to flaunt so why not just get rid of it and make yourself feel like it never even existed. Follow a few easy steps and feel the difference for yourself.

  • Include foods with high fiber in your diet

Oats, vegetables, legumes, beans, chia seeds, fruits all help in taming the hunger and the food helps you in gaining weight. Instead of eating junk which is high on sugar and calories you must go for raw fibrous food. The fiber in the food helps cleaning your bowel by improving the digestion, and it also maintains your body weight.

  • Drink green tea

Help boost your immune system and fight all the cancer-causing cells in the body. It also assists in burning the excess weight of the body.

  • Dive into the goodness of olive oil

Compounds in olive oil are believed to stimulate the hormones in the stomach, and this signals the brain that it is full. Olive oil helps curb the appetite so that the body does not feel hungry quickly. Try to cook food in olive oil so that you get to enjoy the goodness of the oil without having to push it down your stomach.

  • A walk a day keeps the doctor at bay

Just a few minutes of walk every day will help in decreasing tension by helping elevate mood and stress. With increased confidence and self-esteem you can tame life with thrice the energy and strength.

  • Start strength training

Strength training helps by building your muscles and replacing the body fat with muscles. Spike the amount of calories that you are burning. With time and by performing exercises rigorously your metabolic rate will increase.

  • Interval Cardio

Interval cardio sessions are the one in trend and effective. In interval cardio exercise try doing sprinting, pushing the body into an anaerobic state and have 23 to 30 seconds of resting sessions in between.

  • Your morning will happy and days will be bright if you sleep tight

8 hours of sleep each day is necessary everyday and if your are not getting enough sleep then your body will start overproducing hormones which includes cortisol. You would not want that to happen. So, to have brighter mornings and healthier days in your life sleep tight as this would help your body to regulate your metabolism, giving your that tight tummy that you can flaunt in all your dresses.

And, in case you are just not able to shed the extra kilos with rigorous exercise routine and diet then it means that you are doing something wrong or following the wrong regime; Some of the factors could be

  • You are sleep
  • Workout routine includes the wrong set of
  • Too much sugar.
  • You are just not getting enough protein.
  • You are too anxious or stressed.
  • You are looking for a quick fix.
  • A crash diet will crash your dreams to become fit.
  • Anything overdone is never good, even if you are doing too much of exercise.

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