Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Nursery – And the battle begins

Every year winter starts with some hot waves in various fields but if you are staying in Delhi of rather in any of the metros for that sake, you are definitely going to get a stroke of various ongoing debates on nursery admissions. Every year a new bunch of “frustrated & furious” parents queued up in front of schools holding hands of their kids; kids who hardly know for what they are standing there, under cruel sun.

Every year parents find them in different set of confusion because rules change with every new academic session. No matter how much home work you might have done or would have run throughout the year so that you have the entire information ready on tips within time; you are going to get stuck up at one place or the other.

This is the only area where customers are treated in worst possible way; for every school employee knows that best way of defence is offence. Authorities want their school to be filled with students, yet parents are treated like wanted visitors. On every wrong reply by your child during an interview, the teacher will stare you as if you have served them a burnt omelette.  A journey whose beginning should be the most beautiful one, becomes nightmare not only for parents but for the child too, who out of fear might give up all his enthusiasm to begin a productive life.

And if you are lucky enough to born with some auspicious “yog” of planets in your horoscope, you might get chance to see your child’s name in the list of selected candidates. But if not, the poor child will get his first “jhatka” of life where for no mistake he will be condemned for his first failure; and that’s how battle of competition begins. Parents won’t want same thing to be repeated, hence there will be more pressure on child to recite best English poem and to behave like an elite puppet.

Do we leave even a small amount of spontaneity in children?

Every child who is an aspiring candidate for nursery admissions looks same; they recite same poems; they follow same set of mannerisms, they have same tiny knowledge and they all are fearful, because in their respective play schools they are taught same; like various Barbie dolls who may be wearing different costumes but all have same expression on their face.

I do not want to repeat the most repeated sentence of our country, i.e. something is seriously wrong about the system”. But what do we expect from a child who starts life with a fearful step? The day this battle of admission begins, a child loses his innocence and start taking world as some battle field.

We often talk about number of increasing suicides among high school students. Do we ever pay attention to this very fact that no child would think of giving life in just a year or two. There has been a long battle, going on within the child ever since he or she stepped for the first time in school. When a child keeps on losing esteem in the eyes of his parents, teachers and fellow students for years and years, and still manages to reach high school; we must rather appreciate that he could bear our cruelty for so long before hanging himself.

We are building a fearful nation. We all live in some fear or the other and root of the problem lies in the childhood of every young or old citizen of India. November is still far. I hope this year little tiny tots won’t be tortured and our government will come up with some fresh and easy admission processes. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed !