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NASSCOM SSC Launches Knowledge Cloud for IT Workforce and Students with EdCast

NEW DELHI(Agency): The Sector Skill Council (SSC) of NASSCOM announces an innovative program to bring daily continuous learning for millions of professionals and students to refresh and build IT skills in cutting edge technologies and growth opportunities

The social knowledge network built on EdCast mobile and web app platform will engage and empower India’s youth in daily micro-learning using the latest pedagogies in group and social learning.

Mobile app with curated content channels on cutting-edge technologies will provide daily microlearning to keep India’s competitive edge in global markets  and accelerate the growth of Digital India.

The launches an initial 7 channels in fast growing emerging domains, where there is huge demand for IT professionals. These seven channels at launch will have 24×7 curated bite-size content from top universities, experts and research organizations around the world:

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Big Data
  3. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
  4. Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  5. Internet Of Things (IOT)
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. Mobile technologies

The learning channels from EdCast will enable Software Engineers, Business Analyst and many other key IT roles to upgrade their knowledge as well as help in enhancing their skills at work by spending 10 to 15 minutes a day on the EdCast app.

“The speed and complexity of technology change requires India’s IT professionals and students to maintain their knowledge with proven pedagogies of continuous and social learning. We are thrilled to work with EdCast, which is a global  leader in informal and group based learning,” said Dr. Sandhya Chintala.

Organizations across the globe such as GE, EMC, HP, Salesforce, etc and Universities use EdCast to achieve continuous learning. EdCast technology uses Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Peer-to-Peer Collaboration, Live Video Streaming and Microlearning to personalize the learning for its end users. The PC & the mobile app access makes learning possible anytime anywhere.

“With 730 million Internet users by 2020 in India (Source) as well as the aspirations of young Indians to be associated with high-end technology solutions, continuous learning on job skills in growth markets is a strategic imperative to not lose India’s edge against other emerging markets’ IT workforce. NASSCOM’s initiative in this regard is a solid step to achieve this outcome,” said C.P. Gurnani, Chairman of NASSCOM and CEO of TechMahindra

India’s IT industry has become a global force in the digital transformation that is underway worldwide and in India with PM’s Modi’s vision of Digital India. We are excited to partner with NASSCOM for its leadership and conviction to engage the current and future workforce with habit-forming learning communities,” said Karl Mehta, founder & CEO of EdCast, a Stanford University backed company based in Silicon Valley with development centers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai.

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