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Mission Fit India’s propels the nation to get fitter

Niramayam, Patanjali YogPeeth: In a remarkable quest to transform people’s lives and pursue a better lifestyle, Mission Fit India journeyed long and completed the fourth and final – Transformation Phase.

With Bollywood superstar Suniel Shetty as the face of this campaign, the joint effort of the entire team exhibited significant results, and the finalists did an incredible job to make this contest an inspiration for everyone. Under the mentorship of Swami Ramdev Ji and guidance of Acharya Balkrishna Ji, the campus of Niramayam was chosen to spread awareness about healthy living at such a large scale.

As often said, a good physique is made in the kitchen’, the transformation chef, Lakshit Shetty, with assistance from Shwetha Bhatia, a nutrition expert, created unique diet plans. The cardio training was provided by Shivoham, a prominent transformation and training expert. Baqar Nasser, an excellent cardio and spinning trainer, assisted Roshan Raul to take care of the physio routines.  Lastly, like they say a good physique must be balanced by a healthy mind, therefore, Vrinda Mehta was recruited as the ‘mind wizard’.

Full of drive and dedication, all the participants came out as winners, and showcased their winning mentality throughout their journey. This quality stood out among the finalists who demonstrated hunger to get better and pushed themselves to do better. RJs (Vedangee, Glen, Sheba, Virat) and Buddies (Amanpreet, Anjali, Inder Singh, Ritisha, Kanika) from across the nation competed to prove their fitness mettle at Inside the Niramayam campus.

Thousands followed their journey right from the start, diligently watching the fitness-centric content Mission Fit India has put on social media. Recently, the response was evident when #JioFitnessHour conducted by JIO led by Suniel Shetty and his team of experts, Suniel Ki Sena received an overwhelming response from across the nation.

Over the course of the last few months, #MissionFitIndia continuously uploaded videos and fitness on their website and social handles. Specialised content meticulously crafted under the tutelage of mentors like Swami Ramdev Ji, Suniel Shetty, Acharya BalkrishnaJi, and the team of experts covered all things fitness- from yoga, cardio, diet, nutrition, mental health and even sports injuries.

The Grand Finale, held at Patanjali’s Niramayam in Haridwar, marked the presence of Anna, Swami Ramdev Ji, and Acharya Balkrishna Ji. Niramayam is the Naturopathy& Panchkarma treatment center which has seven-star state-of-the-art residential facilities.  The ultimate victor,Anjali Adik Punater, has become an inspiration for the nation after what seems like gruelling yet rewarding 120 days of fitness.

Visit the official website of Mission Fit India: to experience the fitness phenomenon everyone is talking about. Or drop by our Facebook page for inspiration, @MissionFitIndiaOfficial and kickstart your fitness journey.

The success story of #MissionFitIndia and how it became India’s largest health & fitness campaign will be incomplete without acknowledging the great audience support. #MissionFitIndia would also like to extend its gratitude towards their partners & sponsors for tremendous support & active involvement.