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Mantras that will help you for Class 10th board examination with good score

If you want to crack class 10th board examination with good score, then make sure that you must follow these guidelines. It will help you a lot to fight with other applicants.  For every candidate, this will be your first step towards achieving the goal you have set in life.

Follow these tips:

Check the syllabus clearly: 

First of all, go through the syllabus and follow it accordingly. Cover the syllabus in a proper manner. Don’t miss your school classes as your teachers will give you the perfect training regarding the board examination. Revise whatever is taught in the class and if you face any doubt, then consult with your teacher.

Try last five year question papers:

Solve last five to ten years question paper as it will help you to crack the examination. If you face difficulty in solving, then make sure that you take help from teachers and seniors, when required.

Prepare separate notebooks for each subject: 

Maintain a proper notebook and jot down the important notes and formulae. Revise it day before the examination as it will help you in cracking the examination.

Underline important points:

Make sure that you highlight and underline the main points and formulae on textbooks and reference books. Just go through those points twice or thrice a day and day before the examination.

Do proper preparation: 

Check out the syllabus and prepare a time table for board examination. Divide your time for the important topics and follow it accordingly. Start preparing for the examination early in the morning or late at night. Remember! Keep your mobile phones, tablet and other gadgets away from you to avoid distraction.

Concentrate more on your weak points:

This is very important step for every candidate appearing for the board examination. Don’t ignore your weakness rather try to solve it by consulting your teachers as well as friends.

Go through important points: 

Remember! Take a glance of the important points, formulae day before the examination that you have written in notebook. Prepare a weekly revision plan once you have finished the entire syllabus.

Stay fit:

Take balanced diet and do proper rest day before the examination. Listen to songs and play outside day before the examination to keep yourself fit.

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