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Magical health benefits of green tea

Green Tea is a perfect ingredient for our body as it keeps body well and fit. All you need to do is, Drink green tea in the morning to calm yourself. The thiamine and theanine that is present in green tea helps to reduce stress problems and combat with depression.

Helps in weight loss

Green tea contains rich amount of caffeine that is helpful in burning fat. The physical performance of body gets improved by utilizing green tea. It is also beneficial in reducing the fatty acids from the body. Also, you must perform exercise daily to keep yourself fit!

Reduce puffiness under eyes

The high amount of antioxidants, amino acid, phytochemicals and enzymes that is present in green tea provides lot of benefit to the body.

By consuming green tea the ageing problems, puffiness, acne problems, and sebum production gets reduced. It also includes vitamin B, folate, manganese, potassium and magnesium. As an alternative, you can also take Innis free Green Seed Serum to make your skin greasy.

Prevents Diabetes

Green tea act as a perfect ingredient that controls glucose level in your body. The high insulin spikes gets prevent by consuming green tea in sufficient amount.

Relief from Heart disease

Green tea plays a significant role on the lining of blood vessels and maintains the blood pressure level of body. Furthermore, it plays outstanding role in eliminating the formation of blood clots, which often causes heart attacks.

Decreases bad Cholesterol

Green tea lessens bad cholesterol in the blood and helps to maintain the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Helps in Brain related issues

Green tea contains several compounds that improves the brain issues. The caffeine that is present in it provide good response to the brain.