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Know about Ayurvedic Dental Care Tips

A herbal tooth and gum rub involves rubbing of some selected herbs and spices. Some of these spices act as excellent enamel cleaners. They prevent and cure all kinds of teeth disorders.

Garlic, rock salt, guava and mango leaves are used for cleaning the enamel. Either of these can be ground and rubbed on the teeth. You can also use a mixture of oil and salt to rub your teeth and gums. The practice strengthens the gums.

Neem possesses anti-microbial properties. Chewing it releases its anti-bacterial agents which mix with saliva. This further kills the harmful microbes in the mouth and prevents the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth.

Choose a twig which is as thick as your little finger. Peel its skin. Chew at one corner to make it like a brush and spit the saliva in the basin in short intervals of time. Brush it all across the gums and teeth. After you’re done, spit the twig fibers stuck on the teeth.

Bacteria and toxins accumulate on the tongue, which further leads to bad breath. Cleaning the tongue removes the toxins and promotes fresh breath, enhances taste and digestive and oral health.