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Key to Time Management : Set Priorities

Struggling with time management?

All you need to do is to SET PRIORITIES!

But the biggest question is how to set Priorities? So take a little bit of time, make yourself a three-category priority list: career, relationships, self.  Making a three-category list reminds us that there should be something in all three categories.  Career, we think about; relationships, self — not so much. But anyway, just a short list, two to three items in each.

Then look out over the whole of the next week, and see where you can plan them in.  In 168 hours a week, I think we can find time for what matters to you.  So we have plenty of time, which is great,because guess what? We don’t even need that much time to do amazing things. But when most of us have bits of time, what do we do? Pull out the phone, right? Start deleting emails. Otherwise, we’re puttering around the house or watching TV. Time to rethink, that do we really need more time? Or its just matter of Priorities.

Well, first we need to figure out what they are. We have strategy for thinking about this.  The first, on the professional side: People coming up to the end of the year are giving or getting annual performance reviews. You look back over your successes over the year, your “opportunities for growth.”  And this serves its purpose, but I find it’s more effective to do this looking forward.

So just pretend it’s the end of next year.  You’re giving yourself a performance review, and it has been an absolutely amazing year for you professionally. What three to five things did you do that made it so amazing?  So you can write next year’s performance review now.  And you can do this for your personal life, too. What you did in your personal life that mattered to you over the year. By the performance review, we have a list of six to ten goals we can work on in the next year. Now you can set your priorities accordingly.