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Keep Liver Healthy – Herbs For Liver Detox

A liver cleanse is not something to take on lightly or without research. It should be done in stages. Most naturopaths recommend that before the liver is cleansed a person should do a colon cleanse first and then a kidney cleanse. Why is this?
When you go through a liver cleanse the various toxins that have been stored in the liver are dumped in to the body. The colon and the kidneys must then eliminate these toxins rapidly, or as rapidly as possible. If these organs are not at peak function they will not be able to rid the body of toxins quickly and effectively and that could lead to more problems.

Once you have done that then it is time to go on to the liver cleanse.

Herbs For Liver Detox :

There are many herbs that are recommended for detoxifying the liver.
-Turmeric- increases bile production and helps with the treatment of gall stones ,Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant.
– Milk Thistle- is a strong anti-toxin
– Yellow Dock-helps to dissolve fat in the liver and is an excellent anti-toxin
– Dandelion- immune system booster and anti-toxin
– Licorice Root- Helps neutralize the effects of powerful chemical toxins