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When it comes to her characters, actress Vidya Balan has never failed to impress her fans. Be it her charming role as ‘Sulu’, in her last movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’, or her strong character of ‘Durga Rani Singh’ in ‘Kahaani 2’, the versatile actress has aced the game on numerous occasions. The actress who is thoroughly enjoying her stint as an RJ, speaking about various critical issues prevailing in society, this time spoke about her movie ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’. In a Friday special episode with Mumbai Ka Sabse Bada Struggler RJ Abhilash, she spoke about the complex love story, her character Vasudha and her relationships with two men in the movie, working with writer and producer Mahesh Bhatt, actor Emraan Hashmi and much more.

When asked about her movie and the character, Vidya shared, “The film didn’t do well at the box-office, but was widely appreciated by my fans especially women. They told me how much they liked my character and they were able to relate to her as they have also shared the same kind of relationship or at least wish they had someone like Emraan’s character in their lives. These women are in love-less marriages which are mostly arranged or are a part of those marriages where there is no love left amongst the couple. It was something that really touched their hearts as everyone wants to be loved. Issues arise when one stays in a marriage only due to societal obligations which makes them feel suffocated and caged. Many women are going through this ordeal, which I realised after this film.”

When Abhilash probed further on why so many women connected with the movie, Vidya expressed, “People loved the character of Emraan in the movie who respected Vasudha and accepted her for the way she is. And, every woman desires acceptance from their partners for the person she is and not be forced to feel and behave in a certain way. That’s very telling! So many women loved him because he just loved and accepted Vasudha for the person she was and that’s we want from our men.”

Commenting on working with well-known writer and producer Mahesh Bhatt, Vidya said, “I have been a die-hard fan of Bhatt Sahab. I used to feel sad when the thought of him having never directing a film in the past 20 years passed through my mind. Now, he is directing a film after 20 years. But, I’ve always wished to work under his direction, which hasn’t happened yet. But they say never say never. It’s amazing the way he understands human relationships and their frailties at a much deeper level. When he writes, he brings the character alive in front of the audience. I was flattered when he told me that he wrote the story keeping me in his mind and I will be always grateful to him for that.”

Speaking on her chemistry with Emraan Hashmi in this film, she added and said“We have done three films together. One will not believe that Emraan and I didn’t speak on sets of The Dirty Picture. In the second film Ghanchakkar, I took the initiative and started the conversation with him. By the third film, we were really talking a lot and developed a good bond. But since he doesn’t talk a lot, I used to make him converse on the sets. He is always on his phone and when I saw him playing games on it, I would playfully complain that there is a human being sitting next to you for God’s sake! Can’t you see me?”