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Interview of Megha Dua, founder of

1- What made you start a retail channel for maternity products?

I got pregnant while on vacation, back home to India from the US.  Though elated with the news, like any other mother I was now extremely protective of my pregnancy and apprehensive towards the generic products available, which contain harmful chemicals, alcohol, parabens, etc. The truth dawned on to me that no good quality brand in India was catering to safe maternity products. After returning to the US, we did meticulous research and tested several brands to provide high quality, trusted and reliable solutions to all mothers and babies back home in India. Thus, commenced and took flight!

  1. Are you planning for physical Nuluv stores?

Currently, in India, the e-commerce market is on a boom, so we are focusing all our energy on this channel. Once we have established ourselves as a premium platform for natural and organic every day, house care, maternity and baby care products, we will undoubtedly explore offline stores to increase accessibility of our products to our consumers.

  1. How do you keep customers coming back?

All the brands that has introduced contain rich botanicals, organic ingredients and have attained several US certifications which reflects in the quality and safety of our products. For our target audience which is young mothers and babies, these two things are the key parameters for making their choice for themselves and their lil ones thus we have way more repeat orders than the industry standards.

  1. How does social media help in driving traffic to

Today, consumers from all segments are active on social media platforms. aims to provide a complete ecosystem where other than products parents get access to reliable information, and that is where social media has helped us immensely.

  1. What is the biggest social media marketing challenge for e-commerce sites like Nuluv?

It is extremely crucial that the content for social media should have the quality and the right kind of information that your target audience requires. Early on in our journey, we spent a lot of time learning about our target audience and their needs and thereby, getting to know the market. We have now been able to engage with our audiences in a much better way.

  1. Content marketing is a major challenge for start-ups mainly due to budget constraints. What are your thoughts on the same?

I agree that there are challenges for a start-up company to spend a lot on content marketing initially but this is also one of the key factors that differentiate you, it’s like your voice with which you communicate with your customers, a means to connect and showcase your brand and understand the customers need. If focused in the right manner content marketing can be a key to successful ventures which we have witnessed in the past as well.

  1. What was your route map before taking Nuluv to live?

It took us three long years from conceptualising to actually introducing the products in the market. We had to do a lot of research from figuring out the right kind of products among many options which are appropriate for the Indian market, figuring out its scope, engaging with the right vendor, working on the importing channels and then finally putting everything into motion.

  1. How do you make sure the products you are bringing to your customers are harm-free?

All our products are manufactured in the US and made using high quality natural and organic ingredients. In the US the laws for maternity and baby segment are very stringent, so each product undergoes thorough testing at various levels for its safety and quality. Our products have attained renowned certifications such as USDA certified, NSF, Made Safe, EWG, NON-GMO etc. Before being an entrepreneur, I am a mother, and it is my moral duty and responsibility to make sure that our customer receives safe and trusted solutions. Therefore, I can assure you that every product on the website is tried and tested both by myself and my daughter. We are in a sense Nuluv’s first brand ambassadors and users.