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Important things to consider before you rent a Residential Property

Renting a residential property can be quite a tedious and daunting task to do. After a certain point, it is sure to become boring and loathsome as well. You may feel like to jump into the next property you visit and purchase it right away if nothing goes well for you. But these are the major reasons why one should always avoid purchasing a rental property in haste. From the time you decide to rent a property till the moment you sign the final documents, you should keep your calm and get to know every possible detail about the area. In Malaysia, you can easily get perfect locations through Mudah property for rent.

We have all been there- where you find the perfect location or the perfect house at a very early stage. An instant desire arises to immediately go for it before the place is taken by someone else. Most of the time, the estate agents push our state of mind to think that such property is of very high demand and certainly one of the best in the market right now. This is a moment you need to stop and consider all the major factors before you give in to your desires and sign the documents in a haste. Always look for the following factors before settling in to buy a residential property in Malaysia:

  1. Location:

The location is the primary factor in determining your choice of a place. After checking all the good free property listings of Malaysia, get a list of places that you’re interested in. Your place of residence should be one that does not cause a lot of troubles for your friends and other family members to get to you or vice versa. Even if your dream location is 45 minutes away from the nearest commute, you should probably drop the idea immediately. Always choose a location that is as near as possible to places you visit most frequently. Avoid places that would require you to wake up 2 hours earlier to get to the office as it wouldn’t be an ideal situation when you start traveling every day.

You need to check that the grocery shops, schools, local markets, hospitals, etc. are not very far away from your place. One most important factor most people forget to check before purchasing a property is the crime rate of the area. Check with local police stations to get more information on that matter and try to visit the location at night to get a clearer picture.

  1. Affordability:

It all comes down to this. If you are unable to get your desired property, you will be lenient on increasing your budget bit by bit until it comes to a point where you think you can afford it, but you actually cannot. Consider other expenditures as well before deciding on a residential estate.

  1. Conditions:

The times at which you visit the property may be the most perfect time for that particular location/flat/house as the estate owner knows better. But if you really want to get sure about how the location would feel like in a different season/time of the day, you should visit it at a different time again.

  1. Previous residents and their reason for leaving:

Before getting into a tenancy agreement, you must gather information about the previous owners/residents of that property. You must ask the seller their reasons for selling off their land to get an insight into the location. If their reason states no problems relating to the land, it is safe for you.

It is important you should visit the property from reputed sites like Mudah property for rent as that will ensure maximum safety. You must also ask the tenants their experiences while living there or the reasons why they are moving. It may be due to a problematic location, annoying neighbors or other important factors that you may also face in the near future.

  1. Consider your needs very strictly:

Let’s assume you found your dream location, and everything is just perfect here. But it is an hour’s walk from the nearest parking facility. You might be tempted to make a few compromises to get the location of your dreams thinking that you’ll manage but after a point of time, this point will become a huge burden. It is important you do not give up on your needs, making compromises for things you cannot afford to lose at all. In the end, the ideal location will be the one where all the facilities should be suited according to you.

Buying a property for the purpose of personal living or giving it away on rent requires thorough planning and acute brainstorming. Check your list of options by viewing free property listing of Malaysia. Always be sure to check the paperwork twice or even thrice before committing to a property.

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