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Importance of Digital Marketing & PRs in Indian Cinema Industry

This is the era of digital and marketing has become vital, hence so every industry is adapting to this media to reach out to more people. The film industry is also getting accustomed to digital marketing and a bunch of PRs have stepped in and are promoting films in a unique way. Now days, physical interaction or engagement will go under the axe given the reasoning against gathering of crowds and the threat to everyone’s health.

It is an opportunity to build a robust digital ecosystem that can measure impact and value going forward, and can lead to efficiencies in planning said Vishnu Thej Putta.

Vishnu Thej Putta is one among the leading Digital PRs in the Telugu film industry who has done digital promotions for more than a hundred films. ‘Shatamanam Bhavati, ChilaSow and ‘Mahanati’ are the films which have won National award too.

Conceptual and innovative promotions are the key here to make a film penetrate to the audience and get them hooked even before it strikes the box office. In that way an impression is created on the audience and it would enable them to come to theatres on the first day or may be the first weekend.

However Vishnu said that a lot needs to be done in promoting the films. People are used to technology now and it is one hell of task to get their attention and for this promotions need larger than life concepts. Yet Vishnu states, the film’s genre depends highly on promotions. A commercial film can be treated with fans but for a concept film, ideation plays a vital role.

Vishnu sees the future is even more challenging with the advent of OTT but it is the promotions what matters. 

For digital evolution in Telugu cinema promotions over the last few years, the use of technology has become part and parcel of film industry. Films with Hollywood standard visual effects are being made in good numbers and audiences are thoroughly enjoying them. Industry with big titles allocates the budget for digital promotion around 50 lakh – 1 Cr in South Indian Cinema.

Not just in making films with the use of technology, even for promotions, the digital era has begun. Thus digital promotions are gaining huge popularity now and a career called digital PR is said to be in huge demand. After Bollywood, Telugu industry aka Tollywood is the next big industry in country and here digital PR is job that involves a lot of creative stuff to attract audiences and making them reach theatres or OTT platforms when the film releases.

Vishnu belong to Palamaneru & has 7 years of experience in the cinema industry. Films were his passion and he wanted to make a career in it, even though a background is sort of mandatory in the current times. Declining the offer from a multi-national company with a good package, Vishnu reached Hyderabad and started his attempts. Having worked for a few web portals that highly publish articles about Telugu films, Vishnu went on to do marketing for production houses.

Eventually Vishnu made way into the public relations as there is a huge scope to work more creatively with the help of technology. “Digital promotions are the next big thing in the industry,” says Vishnu who believes that this is just the beginning and anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection can get engaged with digital activities specially designed for certain films.