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How hot oil is useful for manicure? Check out here!

Hot oil manicure is considered as one of the classiest treatment. If you want to make your nails and hands smooth, soft and strong, then you must try these steps!

Things that you will require:

  • Sunflower oil and castor oil, mixed
  • Some almond oil
  • Vitamin E oil and olive oil

Use these steps:

  1. Take all the ingredients and mix it well. Heat it in a microwave for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Ensure that the oil isn’t too hot.
  3. Dip your nails to the mixture till the oil gets cool down.
  4. Try these steps for around ten seconds.
  5. Take out some oil from the mixture and apply it over your wrist and massage it
  6. Later, wash it with warm water.
  7. Clean your hands with towel.
  8. Your hot oil manicure treatment will get complete.
  9. Use these steps for at least twice a week before going to bed.
  10. After washing your hands, put some moisturizing lotion around your hands to get smoothness.

Hot Oil Manicure Benefits

The hot oil manicure provides several nail benefits. Have a look here:

  1. If your will apply hot oil manicure treatment daily then it will cure your nails from getting damaged.
  2. When you utilize this treatment, the blood circulation of your body gets improved. Moreover, your skin health gets better.
  3. Hot Oil Manicure takes care of many skin problems and provides relief from it.
  4. The texture of your nails gets improved by using hot oil manicure daily in a week
  5. Hangnails are also detached easily by following this process.
  6. Hot oil massage makes your nail clean. Also, it helps to develop stronger and faster.
  7. Moreover, the flexibility of your wrists and hands also gets better by applying hot oil.

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