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Home remedies to get rid of eye sty

Eye Sty problem occurs due to the in the oil glands that are located on eyelids. It is not considered serious problem and it can be cured easily. So, if you are suffering from eye related issues, then use these steps:

Use Green teabag

Prefer to take green teabag rather than using a warm cloth. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that decreases the pain and inflammation. The infections of your eyes goes away by utilizing green tea teabags. All you need to do is, close your eyes and put warm teabag for atleast 15 minutes to get relief.

Apply Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties that decreases pain, redness and swelling problems of eyes. Remember! Take one teaspoon of coriander seeds, add some water to it and then boil it for few minutes. When it gets cool, apply it over the affected eye. Use these steps two to three times every day. You will see a drastic change!

Utilize Aloe vera

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that is available in aloe vera helps to decrease redness, swelling and inflammation. Take one aloe vera, cut its leaf, extract the gel and apply it over the affected area for nearly 10 minutes. Later, wash it with warm water.

Rub Parsley

If you are fed up with eye problems, then apply parsley over the affected area. It is perfect purification agent that removes toxic material from the eyes. Boil some leaf of parsley in water for about 10 minutes. Put a cotton cloth into the mixture and apply over the affected eye to get relief.

Apply Potato

Use a peel of potato and put it over the eyelid. The swelling and pain will go away. Do this twice a day to get relief. You will see a drastic change!