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Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy act as an important herb that provides relief from several diseases. In Hindi, it is known as Indian Tinospora or (Giloya/Guduchi).

Many a times, it has been called Amruta, the Indian name for nectar. It is beneficial for a variety of purposes.

  1. Boosts Immunity:

Giloy is considered as one of the best herbal juice that enhance your immunity system of body. It acts as a refreshing agent too.

It includes antioxidant property that fight from several diseases. The toxins present in kidney and liver gets removed from your body by drinking juice of Giloy.  It also fights with bacteria that cause diseases.

  1. Treats Chronic Fever:

One of the major role of Giloy is that it provide relief from chronic fever and diseases. It is highly anti-pyretic in nature. During dengue fever, it helps to increase the platelets. You may use Giloy by mixing it with honey. Consuming Giloy juice can provide benefit to the people suffering from malaria.

  1. Boosts Digestion:

The digestive system of your body remain fit by taking Giloy in proper amount. One must use it as a home remedy. Take half a gram of Giloy powder along with some amla regularly. Also, Mix Giloy Juice with buttermilk as it will be benefit the people suffering from piles.

  1. Diabetes:

Giloy Juice is very effective for people suffering from diabetes as it acts as a hypoglycaemic agent. It lowers the sugar level and maintains blood pressure.

Diabetic patients must take Giloy juice thrice a week in order to decrease high levels of blood sugar.

  1. Herb:

Giloy also known as anti-aging herb provides relief from stress as well as anxiety. Mix Giloy with herbs to make a superb health tonic. It will sharp your memory and help you to pay attention at work. The toxins present in your brain will get cleared.

  1. Asthma:

Consuming Giloy juice can provide benefit to Asthmetic patients. The patient faces chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing etc.

Prefer taking Giloy on daily basis to treat asthma.

  1. Eye Disorders:

Giloy provides relief from eye disorders. It improves clarity and helps you see better without spectacles. You can also apply Giloy to your eyes. Boil Giloy in water, cool down and apply all over the eye lid. You will see benefit within a week.

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