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GoAir – Scheduled maintenance & engineering checks of aircraft

The airline business has to factor lean and peak seasons from multiple perspectives – including sales, marketing and maintenance of the aircraft. Efficient and smart airlines across the world undertake “scheduled” maintenance & repair work of aircraft during lean season so as to take full advantage of the peak season.

At GoAir, we follow this very business principle of undertaking “scheduled” maintenance & engineering checks of the aircraft in the months of January, February and March so that GoAir has maximum capacity to cater to in the ensuing peak season. These checks are done purely from sales-demand perspective. Thus, maintenance and engineering checks are essentially part of our business strategy and network planning. The scheduled maintenance and engineering checks will not affect GoAir’s existing flight schedule in any manner.

Besides, our strategy is to stay competitive as well as profitable – it is an established fact that NEO technology provides 15 – 20% better fuel efficiency as compared to the CEO technology. It is in this context that we have decided to have all A320 NEO fleet and eventually phase out our A320 CEO fleet. Our plan is to sub-lease most of our A320 CEO fleet and therefore these aircraft have to undergo “re-delivery engineering” checks.

GoAir currently operates across 24 domestic and 04 international destinations, namely, Phuket, Male, Muscat and Abu Dhabi, connecting over 1600 weekly flights. An aviation foray of the Wadia Group, GoAir operates as a low cost carrier model that demands cost leadership, operational efficiency and reliability. For the last five months, GoAir has been the leader in On-Time-Performance (OTP). With a wide array of services being made available to enhance the travel experience for economy and business travelers alike, GoAir ensures it lives up to its theme of ‘Fly Smart’.

GoAir is committed to providing travellers a value for money proposition through highest standards of customer service delivery and affordable air fares. The airline is committed to provide secure and efficient transportation at all times with attention to essential details.