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Find out how Secure is Cyber-life in an era of the Internet of Things at the Real World IoT Security Conference

BANGALORE: EFY Conferences has announced its latest conference, Real World IoT Security Conference (RISC), focused on Cybersecurity. The single day event will take place at Park Plaza, Marathalli, Bangalore on 20th June 2017.

Real World IoT Security Conference (RISC) is a mega event bringing together experts to share what’s latest in IoT and security. The conference focuses on helping discover innovative techniques, get actionable insights, and learn recognised best practices at workshops to secure IoT or cyber physical system; all of which are delivered by cybersecurity professionals leveraging their real-world successes or failures.

To give a taste what awaits at the event, the sessions being undertaken at RISC are:

– IOT Security: Preventing a Global Disaster from TwelveDot Canada

– Best Practices to secure IoT Devices and its Ecosystem from Philips HealthTech

– How to implement secure coding for IoT from Liverpool Data Research Associates

– How NOT to implement Cybersecurity in Industrial IoT from Cyber Intelligence, ABB Corporate Research Center

– How to protect a device from Hardware Trojans from NIT Rourkela

– Workshop: Hacking IoT Devices 101 – Pentester Edition from Attify

– Workshop: Early detection of security vulnerability in IOT Devices from LDRA

– Panel discussion on ‘What are the Biggest IoT Security Threats, and How to Tackle Them?’

IoT is now important everywhere; from hardware design to software development, and all the way through to solve real-world problems and securing those are what the conferences focus on.

The conference has very effective sponsorship opportunities, which gives one an opportunity to speak/exhibit and create brand awareness. It attracts senior delegates and thought leaders to the event, which will provide focused and relevant networking opportunities that are sure to significantly help business development efforts in 2017. A list of speakers (in no sequence) for the event is:

Faud Khan, Chief Security Analyst, TwelveDot, Canada

– Minatee Mishra, Lead Engineer, Security Center of Excellence at Philips

Rohan Vibhandik, Scientist, Cyber Intelligence, ABB

– Aditya Gupta, Founder and Principal Consultant, Attify

– Priyasloka Arya, Senior Technical Manager, LDRA Certification Services

Deepu Chandran, Sr. Technical Consultant, LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd

– Sudeendra Kumar K, National Institute of Technology Rourkela.

Due to limited seating at the event, very limited conference passes are available. Booking in advance is recommended.

Online Registration link: https://security.electronicsforu.com/register