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Fed Up With Oily Skin? Try these steps

Oily skin can be a agony to handle. The collection of extra oil on the outer skin layer often causes whiteheads, blackheads, blind pimples and various other skin problems.

So if you are facing oily skin problem, follow these steps:

Select the right cleanser

Don’t use alcohol based cleansers and pick the right cleanser that suits your skin. Avoid washing your face with wrong cleanser for more than two times a day otherwise it will give itching to your skin. The production of oil on your skin will get reduced.

Avoid using dry products

If you have an oily skin, then avoid applying dry products to your face as it will produce more natural oils. You must use pore-tightening products that will reduce the pores.

Apply a mask once or twice a week

Use a clarifying mask of kaolin clay as it is beneficial in keeping the pores clean and will engross extra oil.

Utilize water-based moisturizer everyday

Pick a light weight moisturizer or serum and apply it on your face by mixing along with water. It will help you to keep your skin smooth, moisturized and glowing.

Cover makeup with blotting papers

Try to protect your face with blotting papers to make as it will make your skin glowing by soaking up the extra oil.