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Everyday three step skin care routine

We all want healthy, glowing and fresh skin but believe that could only be achieved by spending a lot of money and time. It is true that good results need hard work but in case of healthy and glowing skin, you can achieve it by following three simple steps.

First step of your everyday skin care routine will be washing your face. Its very simple and we all already follow this step. We should wash our face at least twice a day with a good face wash. And we should not use face wash very much as it can make our skin rough, you can use only water to wash face.

Second step is to use a good toner. A toner gets into the skin and properly cleans the open pores, making our skin super clean. A scrub can also be twice a week to exfoliate the skin.

Third step of the skin would be to moisturize the face. It is extremely important for the skin and in every season. We should good moisturizer to feed our skin according to the wether conditions.

If one follows this three step skin care routine, with scrub twice a week, skin will always be healthy and glowing.