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#DiwaliforDogs – Dogsee Chew to Celebrate Kukur Tihar With Dogs and Dog Lovers

BANGALORE: Dogsee Chew is bringing the traditional festival of Kukur Tihar, #DiwaliForDogs 2017, to Bangaloreat TherPUP cafe on 15th October, 2017. This is a day of celebrations honouring man’s most loyal companion – the dog, and is an important festival celebrated by Hindus in the Himalayan region of IndiaNepal and Bhutan.

Diwali for Dogs will have a lot of fun activities for dogs and their owners in this event including:

  • Dog Puja with garland and flowers
  • Photo Booth for photo session
  • Red Carpet ramp walk for dogs
  • Delicious food for the participating dogs
  • Dog Dance – dance of dog with their parent
  • Gift hampers for all participating dogs

The activities are lined up to make this day a memorable one for dogs and dog lovers.

Dogs have always managed to bring happiness in peoples lives, be it with their love or with their service. The relationship has strengthened and has gradually formed an inseparable bond. Humans nowadays are getting more compassionate towards animals, and speaking up for their rights.

Diwali can be a harrowing experience for dogs because of the noise of crackers. In this regard, the tradition of Kukur Tihar is a welcoming change for them during Diwali and Dogsee, the forever dog-loving brand, has taken the initiative to make Diwali equally fun and entertaining for dogs as it is for humans.

Kukur Tihar is celebrated on the second day of Diwali, in honour of dogs, known to be man’s best friend for more than 33,000 years. On this day, dogs are appreciated for their service, worshipped for their purity and celebrated for their loyalty.

Dogsee Chew, the dog treat manufacturer of India with completely natural products made in the Himalayas is the first and the only dog treat company that has taken the initiative to celebrate Kukur Tihar in such a grand way.

Speaking about the event, Bhupendra Khanal, CEO, Dogsee Chew, said, “Dogs have been our guardians and companions from a very long time and this is just a way to thank them. We want to make this festival famous in our country as we believe that a bond so pure must be always appreciated and celebrated.

Ankur Jain, Founder of TherPUP Cafe was quoted saying, “This is the 2nd time TherPUP is celebrating Kukur Tihar with Dogsee and needless to say, it is a wonderful experience. Dogs have always shown their love and loyalty towards us and now it’s time we acknowledge them for it.

Dogsee is also a main sponsor for PetFed 2017, the largest Pet Carnival of Asia. The event will take place in December in Delhi and Mumbai.