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Discovery Channel Delves into Time of Xi

SINGAPORE: This October, the eyes of the world turn to Beijing as the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party gather to elect their next President at a twice-a-decade event. With President Xi Jinping potentially winning a second term, the world eagerly awaits what lies ahead for the future of China.

Airing from 14 – 16 October at 9:00am daily, Discovery Channel’s latest three-part documentary series, China: Time of Xi, will shine a spotlight on this historic event and uncover the changing landscape of China, what China’s unique experience could offer the world and what drives the man charged with the enormous task of maintaining the growth of the world’s second biggest economy.

China: Time of Xi is hosted by TV producer and designer Danny Forster, biomedical engineer Dr. Jordan Nguyen as well as anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota. Covering various fields, each host will tap on their respective area of expertise to deliver a 360-degree outlook on China at this pivotal moment in history. A panel of world leading ‘China watchers’ will also provide additional commentary and share thought-provoking insights into how President Xi is running China in his bid to turn his country into the power player of the world.

Following the end of his first five years of presidency, China’s leader, Xi Jinping has become one of the most powerful people in the nation’s modern history. Each episode seeks to address key pillars of his political ideologies and economic strategies, bringing these elements to life through beautifully-shot, character-led case studies across four continents.

In episode one (People’s Republic), the documentary will establish what it really means to be the “people’s” republic in the 21st century through the lens of everyday Chinese from ambitious kiwi-growing farmers to a taxi driver in bustling Beijing; young girls with a passion for football and big dreams to a small-town shop-keeper whose life has been transformed by technology. It will also investigate how President Xi’s early experiences may have shaped his vision for a ‘Chinese dream’ and driven him to very publicly commit to ending poverty for the 50 million Chinese still living below the United Nations poverty line.

The second installation (Running China Now) on the other hand, will look at the country’s very real challenges in the areas of economy, environment and corruption. Within the economic sphere, China’s rapid investment in developing new technology like AI-powered autonomous drones and a ground-breaking electric sky train is helping it to diversify and remake its economy while many young Chinese are now spear-heading projects to clean up the environment, resulting in a new respect for the rule of law. Through case studies, we plunge into Xi Jinping’s push for a “system upgrade” across every sector of China. We also discover how Xi Jinping’s experiences in highly commercial Fujian province as a young government official shaped his attitude to China’seconomy.

Rounding off the series is All Aboard. This final episode will showcase how the influence of a new China is changing communities and lives far beyond its borders in cities like Nairobi and Venice as well as delve deeper into President Xi’s vision for a global ‘community of common destiny’. With stories from CambodiaIndonesia and the U.S., as China takes its place as a leading player on the world stage, we interrogate Xi Jinping’s vision for a global “community of common destiny” – an inspiring vision for a new world order, or a cloak for China’s global ambitions?

Viewers can tune in to China: Time of Xi based on the programming schedule below:


Episode 1Premiere

Episode 2Premiere

Episode 3Premiere

Episode 1Repeat

Episode 2Repeat

Episode 3Repeat

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14th Oct (Sat)


15th Oct (Sun)

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16th Oct


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15th Oct


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