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Devendra Fadnavis – Leader of Masses: A Peek Into his Glorious Five-Year Journey as a CM

The Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra- Shri Devendra Fadnavis is completing his glorious 5-year long term. The journey hasn’t been easy for him, but he proved himself all along and the fact that he has been the most talented, efficient, clean and honest Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is well-known now. In a small attempt to throw light at his efforts, leadership skills and the most prominent decisions he has made in the last 5 years, a compilation of the same. is presented below.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra- Shri Devendra Fadnavis Ji is known by all as the man of his words. As his 5-year long tenure comes to an end, a few of his major achievements that prove why he has been worthy of it all. The most prominent achievements of Shri Fadnavis Ji’s tenure include the success achieved in the Maratha Caste Reservation plea and the Jalyukta Shivar.

If one is to go by statistics, a total investment of Rs 375,045 Crores was made in the State. The Government spent Rs 6260 Crores to avail fundamental facilities in the urban areas. The Forest Department too achieved a new milestone by planting close to 50 Crore trees during various plantation drives. The long-pending Metro train work in the State too has gained momentum with 298 Kms of the Metro route already in its final stages of construction. Around 765,528 houses have been completed under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Scheme. As many as 113200 Divyang citizens received the benefit of certificates that were made available to them at their respective residences.

The construction of 701 km long Nagpur-Mumbai Samruddhi has added another feather to the State Government’s hat of achievements. As far as the Revenue Department is concerned, Digitisation of the 7/12 extract has been a major milestone. While ‘Aaple Sarkar’ online portal provided a total of 403 online services and benefited more than 14 Lakhs citizens, the ‘Atal Maha Aarogya’ camp has proven beneficial to 24 Lakh patients in the State. A fund of Rs 552 Crores too was raised for the CM health treatment funds. Another special mention includes the fact that Maharashtra bagged the 3rd rank in health index throughout the country.

Shri Devendra Fadnavis Ji’s Government has also been successful in achieving the digitisation of 66458 schools. The ‘CM Gram Sadak’ scheme has been successful in completing the road works of 8900 Kms. Another important achievement happens to be the Jalyukta Shivar that irrigated roughly around 38.95 Lakhs hectors of land and cleaned 5270 dams in the state. This scheme has been the most successful irrigation scheme in the history of Maharashtra that completed 609018 initiatives altogether.

The Fadnavis Government also launched many beneficial schemes such as the Gopinath Munde Accidental Insurance scheme and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Shetkari scheme. During Shri Devendra Fadnavis Ji’s tenure, Maharashtra has been the most efficient state in the nation concerning the promotion of the start-up culture. The State also happens to rank at number 3 in education all over India.

Significant changes have also been observed within the Agriculture sector, which is the backbone of the State’s economy. A fund of Rs 53700 Crores has been utilised to help the farmers directly. Around 2.70 Crore farmers applied and benefitted from the crop insurance scheme, which has secured Rs 32,216 per hectare. Food safety schemes and laws have been implemented with utmost efficiency during the last 5 years. A fund of Rs 150000 Crores has been invested in agricultural fields throughout the State and a profit of Rs 22170 Crores has been gained through the export of agricultural produce.

Approximately, 26.90 Lakh TCM of water has been conserved through the Jalyukta Shivar Scheme. 33.23 Lakh Acres of land has been secured through forest rights by the tribal communities. The State Government also granted a fund of Rs 3442 Crores to the tourism sector that covers the historical, cultural and religious tourism development in the State. The Employment Guarantee Scheme too has been a huge success. Around 3654220 families have benefited through Women’s saving groups. The ‘Dr APJ Kalam Amrut Aahar Scheme’ also has proved to be an innovation and has benefited many mothers and children.

In order to acknowledge Shri Devendra Fadnavis Ji’s leadership and efforts, Mr Ashish Chandorkar has written and launched a book on him titled- “The Fadnavis Years”, wherein the latter has called the Chief Minister as a complete game-changer. This book throws light on the strategic leadership of Shri Fadnavis Ji and how it transformed the political equations in Maharashtra. This book also describes the ascent of the BJP Government under the promising leadership of Shri Fadnavis Ji.