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Aims of Education

Before I start something on ” aims of education”,we must understand first what actually is the education? Education is the wise hopeful and respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all should have the chance to live equal life. Now, the main aim of education is the all around development of a student.Its purpose is to develop of student into a an integrated person.Thus,the objectives to be achieved through education and training are many and comprehensive.

Education helps in achieving and developing skills,abilities,insights and scientific appeal of education,there are utilitarian aspects as well and they are equally important.Education aims at developing and bringing out the best of a student’s inner personality,without neglecting the outer and material aspects. Education also means that students are made capable of standings on their own feet,to earn their bread and butter.An educated person is supposed to face the challenges bravely and successfully.Also, no person be called properly educated if he or she fails in making a meaningful contribution to the society and country.The purpose of education is to strike a proper balance between inner and outer emotional and practical aspects of one’s personality.If it is not done,it will result in an imbalance personality.It should help in flowering of both the spiritual and physical potentialities.All round development means the growth and development of mind,spirit and body.All these are integral and independent and none of these aspects should be neglected.

Man is emotional as well as rational and both these aspects should be properly developed so as to form parts of an integrated and organics whole.

The development of the one at the expense of the other will result in disaster. Man is neither a thinking machine nor a heap of emotions; he is not a bundle of flesh and bones if one is guided simply by emotions,once vision is bound to be distorted. Similarly,if one goes by reason alone then one would be a mere thinking robot. The main task of education is to produce useful,intelligent,patriotic,emotionally,integrated,morally strong,cultured,scientifically tempered and healthy young men and women. In short, the aim an objective of education should be proper integration and harmony between feeling,thinking and doing. Education should produce people properly adjusted with the rhythm of life, and this can not be achieved unless there is the much desired adjustment between rhythms of mind and heart in the individual. One of the primary aim of education is to develop character. Character is very comprehensive term and means not only pattern behavior of an individual but also moral strength, mental presence,self discipline,fortitude and reputation etc. Most of our modern problems have their origin in our lack of strong moral character. The modern age has been suffering from the crisis of character. If the character of the people is improved, many of the problems would take care of themselves. If the character of the people of a country is strong, it will be very easy to overcome any crisis, how ever great. It is said that if character is lost everything is lost. What makes a man really a man in the true sense of the term, is his character. Education is a failure when it is simply cramming with a lot of disjointed facts poured into head into a basket, to be emptied out in the examination which one has passed his examination,leaves him a nervous wreck, exhausted in the body and over strained in the mind. When one goes out of his college,he should be full of life, vigour, energy, delight and self confidence to meet the challenges of life.