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50,000 Open Positions in Analytics in India as Number of Jobs Rise by 100%

BENGALURU: Coming amid the gloom and doom in the IT industry, The Analytics & Data Science India Jobs Study 2017 by Analytics India Magazine & Edvancer, one of India’s top online analytics training institute, suggests that the number of analytics jobs have increased nearly 100% in the past one year from April 2016 to April 2017, with close to 50,000 positions related to analytics currently available to be filled in India. This increase is at nearly twice the rate in the previous year and suggests increased momentum in hiring in analytics and data science in India.

It also brings out the fact that India currently contributes to 12% of all world-wide analytics and data science job openings, making it the largest analytics hub in the world, outside the US. Amazon, Citi, HCL, Goldman Sachs and IBM stand out to be the leading organizations with most number of analytics openings this year.

The study gives an insight into various aspects of analytics and data science jobs in India such as top trend, analytics jobs across cities, tools and skills, experience level, jobs across company type, etc.

In terms of cities, Bengaluru accounts for the highest number of jobs with around 25% of all analytics jobs while Delhi/NCR follows close behind. It also highlights that the contribution of Tier B cities in analytics jobs has visibly increased from 5% in 2016 to 7% this year, as number of start-ups in these cities have increased.

Amongst domains, the banking and financial domain continues to be the biggest creator of analytics jobs contributing nearly 46% of all analytics and data science jobs while e-commerce, pharma and others follow. The percentage contribution of analytics jobs from the e-commerce sector has come down over the last 1 year while media and entertainment has jumped.

For fresh engineering graduates stressed due to lower IT hiring, analytics is the new go-to field. A good 42% of analytics job openings are looking for a B.E/B.Tech degree in the incumbent, while another 40% looks for post-graduate qualifications like MBA, M.Tech, etc.

Skills in R and Python remain the most sought after that analytics companies are looking for, with almost 36% of advertised analytics jobs in India demanding R as a core skill and another 30% Python. Others that follow are Hadoop, SAS and Spark.

Almost 50% of jobs in analytics are for those between 2-7 years of experience across all cities. Chennai is friendlier to freshers though.

The average salary in analytics and data science stands at INR 10.5 Lakh/ annum as almost 40% of jobs offer more than INR 10 lakhs/ annum, making it one of the highest paying fields.

Bhasker Gupta, CEO and Founder, Analytics India Magazine said , “The use of technology has been soaring high in various industries, and so is the use of analytics to generate an actionable insight from the huge amount of data. This has led to an increased demand of skilled analytics professionals in India.”

“Analytics and Data Science India Jobs Study 2017, which is a result of extensive research and in-depth analysis, spanning over months, presents you with various trends in the analytics and data science jobs in the form of experience, education, industries, cities and much more, is a must read for professionals looking to venture out in this space”, he added.

Aatash Shah, CEO and Founder, Edvancer Eduventures noted, “The slowdown in old IT technologies coupled with the rapid rise of data science has resulted in IT companies trying to hire data scientists by the droves and creating a job boom for analytics & data science professionals in India.”

He added, “Jobs in analytics & data science have grown by 100% over the last year adding tens of thousands of employment opportunities. However, a large portion of people in IT will need to re-skill themselves in data science to make the most of this employment boom.

Overall, the study presents a constructive picture of analytics and data science jobs in India this year, especially for freshers.