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Reasons behind a long lasting marriage

“More marriages would survive if people realized that better comes after the worst”

We all want our “happily ever after” in a marriage and yet we see a lot of marriages ending in a divorce while a lot of them surviving, thus proving  “ till death do us apart” proverb.

Marriage is definitely not a cakewalk and requires equal efforts by partners to make it a success.

  • Understanding and Empathy : “True contentment comes with empathy” : Tim Fin

  The initial years of marriage can bring a lot of turmoil and therefore it is crucial for partners to be empathetic towards each other. The difference between personalities can be crucial.  For example : An in introverted   husband might want to spend time at home while an extroverted wife might want to party.  To strike a balance, one has to understand the personality traits of each other and then take care of each other’s needs.

  • Frustration Tolerance  :  “Without tolerance, world turns into hell” : Friedrich
  • Minor misunderstandings, tiffs are common in any marriage, yet it becomes a problem when they blow out of proportion. Most of the couples get frustrated too easily and either start cheating on their partners or think about parting ways. We wish to replace rather than repair. However it is very important to rethink and try to be more patient in order to experience a blissful marital life.
  • Honesty : “ Best way to clear air is to have it all out in the open” : Atticus Fink

 The growing world of technology has made it very easy to cheat on our partners, luring us to find a perfect date outside marriage. I have seen a lot of couples cheating on each other despite being married. They have this delusion that they would never get caught.  It is very important to be honest in any relationship. Honesty breeds trust which in turn makes a marital bond even stronger.

  • Communication :

A healthy communication is crucial in every relationship. Communication requires us to be assertive and understand the consequences of spoken words. We often find couples blaming each other and use abusive language which creates a big rift in the long run. Therefore it is important to use nurturing language and be more thoughtful when communicating with each other.

  • Expressing your feelings :

“Dont  keep all your feelings sheltered, express them”  : Dr. Steve

      Yes you heard it right. We get so much caught up in our everyday lives that we hardly get time to express our feelings to people who matter. A simple loving “thank you  note” or  taking a day off to spend time with each other can make one feel loved.  It is not a good idea to keep it inside you.

To sum it all,  mature, responsible and loving  partners can overcome  any challenge if they wish to enjoy a blissful married life.

A strong will coupled with honesty and love is all that is important.

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