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Health benefits of mint leaves in summers

Mint, the well-liked herb has numerous health benefits which comprise proper digestion and weight loss, relief from nausea, depression, fatigue and headache, treatment of asthma, memory loss, and skin care problems. Mint, the well known mouth and breath freshener that is scientifically known as Mentha, has more than two dozen species and hundreds of varieties. It is an herb that has been used for hundreds of years for its amazing medicinal properties.

So here are some health benefits of mint leaves are:

  • Boost Digestion: One of the main mint health benefits is that it aids digestion and helps to eliminate stomach pains. Mint is a great appetizer, and due to its soft aroma, it soothes the stomach. The aroma triggers the mouth to create more saliva and more digestive enzymes.
  • Strengthen Your Liver: When your liver is chugging along leisurely, you’re going to be feeling pretty dismal. A poorly functioning liver is an energy sap. One of the great mint nutritional benefits is that it is a influential liver booster.
  • Nausea & Headache: Mint leaves, particularly freshly crushed leaves help you deal with nausea and headache. The strong and refreshing aroma of mint is a quick and efficient remedy for nausea. Use mint oil or any other product having mint flavor and your stomach issues will be ease. Many people keep menthol oil or mint-flavored products with them at all times to evade nausea. Balms with mint base or basic mint oil, when rubbed on the forehead and nose, give quick relief in case of a headache. The herb is a naturally soothing substance, so it can alleviate the inflammation and temperature rise that is often linked with headaches and migraines.
  • Asthma: Regular use of mint is very helpful for asthma patients, as it is a good relaxant and relieves congestion. Using too much mint in this way can also irritate the nose and throat.
  • Eliminate Mucus: Mint is an Expectorant. Mint supports the body to remove mucus from the airways, lungs, bronchi and trachea. It encourages the drainage of mucus from the lungs.
  • Breast Feeding: For many women, breastfeeding is a beautiful part of hoisting a child, but it can gravely damage your breasts and nipples. Studies have shown that mint oil can lessen the nipple cracks and nipple pain that so often accompany breastfeeding.
  • Skin Care and Pimples: As mint oil is a good antiseptic and anti-pruritic material, mint juice is an outstanding skin cleanser. It soothes skin, and helps to cure infections and itchiness. In totaling to being a good way to lessen pimples, it can even relieve some of the symptoms of acne. Its anti-pruritic properties can be used for treating insect bites like those of mosquitoes, honeybees, hornets, wasps, and gnats. The cooling sensation will ease you of the irritating sensation and the steady urge to scratch, and the anti-inflammatory nature of mint will bring down swelling! In that same vein, mint oil is often a basic constituent of bug repellent products like citronella candles, because the strong aroma is unappealing to most insects.
  • Weight Loss: Mint is a stimulant, but it also stimulates the digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and eat fat, and turns it into usable energy. Thus, by adding mint to your diet, you are rising the amount of fat that is being consumed and put to use, rather than being stored and contributing to your weight gain.