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5 Things You Need to Know about Food Street of World Food India

Brace yourself to get your taste -buds kicking, as World Food India, an international mega food event, is providing a platform to experience culinary expertise under its delectable “Food Street’’ that will be hosted by celebrity chefs and food aficionados of the world. Food Street is a gathering of connoisseurs and sommeliers …

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If periods arrived to men then there would be no taxes on sanitary napkins

These days Bollywood celebrities taking issue of using sanitary napkins to another level. Eariler, a movie named Phullu released which presented need and importance of using sanitary napkins to the audience and after that huge star like Akshay Kumar is taking this issue forward by making a film Padman. It …

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Obesity Amongst Couples may Delay Pregnancy

After 4 years of marriage, Mr. Raman, 34 and his wife Sangeetha, 30 (names changed) were planning to start a family. Six months of trying did not help, and the couple began to wonder why they were not able to conceive. Sangeetha’s close friends recommended her to consult a fertility specialist. Raman’s lipid …

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No Medium can replace books

Eminent writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar launched Kainaz Jussawalla’s debutante novel ‘Coffee Days Champagne Nights And Other Secrets’ on Monday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Javed Akhtar stated that no medium can replace books. Talking about importance of books to garner any kind of information or knowledge, Akhtar said, …

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We Indians are little bit careless when it comes to working with kids in reality shows

Vidya Balan came together with actor Rahul Bose to stand for an organisation Heal, which aims to eradicate child sexual abuse from society on Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Vidya stated that we Indians are little bit careless when it comes to working with kids in reality shows. …

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All you need to know about pursuing Journalism/Media/Mass Communication as Career

Wondering whether Journalism and YOU are meant to be together? Well, don’t just keep wondering now, because it’s high time that you trace out your roots in Journalism/Media and pursue it. “The best thing to know is, to know EVERYthing”. If you can relate yourself to this statement then Journalism …

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