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Adda52 Rummy Launches Freedom Challenge Tournament to Celebrate Independence Day

BENGALURU: A phenomenal Rs.3,00,000/- in just four days of playing Points Rummy seems too good to be true. Adda52 Rummy, a leading online rummy site of Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd, is doing just that with the Independence Day special Rummy Tournament aptly named Freedom Challenge Rummy Tournament. Lined up across four consecutive days and with generous rewards for more than 200 players, it’s a veritable feast for rummy enthusiasts and a compelling invitation to Play Freedom Challenge Rummy Tournaments.

It appears that serious rummy is a serious priority indeed for Adda52 Rummy. A hot and happening rummy gaming site, it is rapidly growing a vast fan base and generating excitement in the online rummy gaming community. Adrenaline-rich tournaments such as the Independence Day special Rummy Tournament at Adda52 Rummy are serving to keep the tempo right up on the scene.

The site is offering a handsome sum of Rs.3,00,000/- for rummy gamers who Play Freedom Challenge Rummy Tournaments between 12-15th August 2017. Spread over four consecutive days, the series of Independence Day special Rummy Tournament at Adda52 Rummy are easily poised to satisfy rummy cravings by the lot.

While the grand prize is the prerogative of the single winner of the Tournament, the site offers due regards to the rest of the players, which is not a mean feat usually attempted by other rummy sites. The top 60 winners from each tournament are offered prizes amounting to 240 prize winners which are huge for any one tournament. Since they have expanded winner numbers, it merrily implies greater chances of winning for the participating folks.

Alongside embracing more winners, the site is focused on offering a high-quality tournament in terms of challenge and seriousness. In order to weed out the non-serious rummy players, Adda52 Rummy has stipulated entry only for players with 10 loyalty points. In fact players are being encouraged to accumulate loyalty points so they can enter and take advantage of the Independence Day special Rummy Tournament at Adda52 Rummy.

Yet another aspect in favour of seriousness is the usage of mobile verification to register in tournament.

Additionally, cash players are being given the opportunity to play without entry fee which is hugely attractive to them. To reduce confusion, the tournament only focuses on point’s rummy, which is quite interesting to grasp and win at.

The site is anticipating heavy rush as the Independence Day Freedom Challenge Tournament is coinciding with a long weekend. While there are many other contenders on the online Rummy arena, ardent loyalists at Adda52 Rummy admit this is the best place to be when rummy fever is riding high. Sumit, a long-standing rummy player at Adda52 Rummy says, “I couldn’t agree more; Adda52 Rummy has given me the best rummy so far. I have played online rummy in India on a few other sites but it is here that I could get the fairest gaming experience and also pitch for awesome prizes. Adda52 Rummy has never let me down,” he avers.

“The 71st Independence could indeed mark a milestone in my rummy journey. The prize pool is a definite attraction for me. It makes me feel closer to accomplishing a prize be it the smaller ones or the grand 3 lakh cash prize. That is exactly what keeps me hooked on to Adda52 Rummy. The site makes me feel like a special rummy player, not some random guy who plays and leaves unnoticed,” asserts Manthan, yet another loyal at Adda52 Rummy.

With such scintillating reviews and much going for it, Adda52 Rummy could well be an online rummy juggernaut in the coming times.